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  2. I love this, Hank! Hey, what do you think of Wallace in Pittsburgh…worth “Fitzgerald” type money? He thinks so…


  3. Yes and no. I love the guy but if you remember Antonio Brown & not Wallace was Big Ben’s favorite target in the last several games. In fact, Wallace din’t have a 100 yard game after week 7. I would put Fitzgerald at around $22 and Wallace at $19. If I’m in a draft and I had to pick between them I would go with Fitzgerald, cause you know you’ll get your 1,000 yards and 6 TDs almost guaranteed!

    Hope this helps…
    Glad you enjoyed the post.


  4. Wallace is only three years into his NFL career and he’s demanding Fitzgerald type money . If you were a GM , would you acquiesce to his demands ? Is that succinct enough of answer when I say that Mike Wallace is a moron ?


  5. Everyone who has a higher opinion of their body of work and thinks they deserve more than they’re worth doesn’t make them out a moron. If there are no consequences for seeking additional renumeration from your employer and yet the possibility exists that you might get what you asked for, then I’m not sure Wallace or any employee for that matter would be anything ecept a bit greedy…and aren’t most of us Alan? And even more so those in professional sports?


  6. Yes it does , Wallace is making an a#s of himself by berating the coaches as well as the front office for not treating him right because he feel he’s being disrespected .

    He is holding out while fellow teammate and fellow wide receiver Antonio Brown having honored his contract gets paid . There’s right way to do things and then there’s the wrong way . Steelers are a class organization and Wallace should begin to realize that rather being an #ss ! There’s a reason why the likes Joey Porter , Santonio Holmes , and Plaxico Burress were shown the door . Let Wallace and lame a#s agent …. Bus Cook carry on being buffoons and Mike Wallace could one day meet the same fate .

    tophatal …………


  7. I hear what you’re saying. Let me ask you two questions. 1. Why do you suppose, Wallace seems to be following in the same footsteps as Porter, Holmes, and Burress? Seems to be a trend going on in Pittsburgh; don’t you think? 2. Is it just Wallace, or the organization that creates an atmosphere for all of these malcontents?


  8. The Steelers as an organization have never put up with that sort of n bullcrap to begin with ! It’s the reason why they’ve been so successful and it’s a reason why they much like the Patriots are the franchises that everyone else is adjudged against when you see that continuity of success .

    Bus Cook (Wallace’s agent) is giving the player some lame a#s advice . While he’s playing the fool his fellow teammate and wide receiver Antonio Brown just got himself a $40 million payday .

    If you’re interested I’ve dropped something on this as well as about the impending sale of the Cleveland Browns .

    NFL piece


    MLB piece


    As and when you’re ready let me know what you think ?


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