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  1. It’s not the salaries that are out of whack but the asinine stupidity being shown by the team owners and their front office executives . Both parties are two dumb for their own good . If they can quiver like a virgin on prom night who’s about to be deflowered , merely because the likes of David Falk , Drew Rosenhaus and Scott Boras can intimidate them in such a way .

    tophatal …………


  2. Both are to blame but again, as long as the poor fan continues to foot the bill for the ineptitude and greed of the owners, players, and agents, there is no stopping these salaries to continue to escalate.

    Case in point: The pathetic and long time under achieving Houston Rockets went out and spent $53 million on two sub-par and, in .one case, totally unproven player in Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin. Really? Neither one is an all star. Neither one has played in the post season. Neither one will garner more wins for this hapless excuse of an NBA professional team!


      • Besides only possessing a 26 game sampling, Lin won’t have Carmelo, Chandler, Amare & company to dish the ball to. Instead he’ll have just Kevin Martin, the aforementioned Omer Asik, (basically a defender, not a scorer), and some rookies. Amazingly Lin is now the second highest paid player on their team.. And this for an unproven guard who is coming off of knee surgery! Senseless!!

        Thanks for the comment Alan!


  3. Morey use to be one of the more astute general managers in the NBA . After the off season moves of the Rockets now I am sure that he is not ! The sort of money he’s thrown at the players mentioned is asinine to say the very least and it has nothing to do with sound or common economic sense . Is it any wonder that the finances of a number of NBA franchises have been such a god-damn mess ?

    People seem to forget that in 2009 and 2010 , David Stern has had his own form of bailout wherein 22 teams have been in receipt of $755 million by way guaranteed loans by the league hierarchy . As to the testament of the commissioner’s stupidity , he then issued a statement saying that it shouldn’t be seen as a bailout but merely keeping those franchises afloat because of ongoing economic crisis at the time .

    tophatal ………….


  4. Lowry and Martin is a major step down from melo and Amare` Stoudemire . Not that I was overly impressed with Stoudemire’s attitude , as it sucked !

    The Rockets ranked 24th out of 30 in terms of NBA attendance (2011-12) , Prior Yao’s retirement that wasn’t the case . He had a major impact on the Rockets from a competitive and economic standpoint . It would be a major surprise to me if the Rockets had a winning record much less make the playoffs this upcoming season .

    What the hell is going on with the Marlins ? The fire sale is about to begin and it appears everything but the “kitchen sink” is up for grabs . Couldn’t happen to a bigger bunch of ingrates in terms of the team’s ownership group led by Jeffrey Loria .

    Hanley Ramirez to the A”s and there are rumors now that they Bosox and Tigers quite possibly want in on that action ?

    I’m gearing up for the Olympics as they’re being held in my hometown . Residing and working stateside (Central Florida) will add something of a new perspective to it all .

    tophatal ……….


  5. Marlins have become sellers and rightly so. Now that the house-cleaning has begun they need to start looking for a new manager for next year. He’s part of the problem in Miami and has been since the season begun following his Pro-Castro rantings.

    Hanley going to the Dodgers, not the A’s.

    Red Sox will become sellers next. They have already begun the process of shopping Ellsbury.

    Where in Florida? Orlando area?


    • The A’s had shown interest in Ramirez as Billy Beane had been in contact with his Marlins’ counterpart Michael Hill .

      I hear PBS will bring along their show ….” Antiques Roadshow ” to the Marlins’ Ballpark to see what else the organization may well have for sale and auction .


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