8 comments on “FANTASY FOOTBALL: 6 Sleepers to consider drafting…

  1. I think much of the Broncos receiving squad will be sleepers thanks to Peyton…I’m super excited to see what they do 1st few wks of the season

    You really liked Ingram over Pierre Thomas last year? Saints RBs are so hard to predict because Brees loves to lob it…but it’s something Ingram’s missing that makes me lean closer to Thomas

    Sidebar: Would you be interested in doing a guest post over on my blog re: rookie drafting in FF? My direct email is thewoodlife@live.com, let me know…would love to have you since you always support the blog


  2. True Peyton will make other WRs better but there is already a chemistry forming between Decker & Manning that is not with th eother receivers. You will find that Decker will be Peyton’s new Marvin Harrison…
    Pierre Thomas, although he’s had a nice career, didn’t qualify as a ‘sleeper’ candidate last season. Ingram, in his first rookie season did but unfortunately missed way too much time due to injury.
    RE your sidebar, when you say rookie drafting in FF are you referring to an article selecting my rookies to consider drafting this season?


    • In terms of fantasy, Decker has far more upside than any other Denver WR or TE. But IRL, I think Decker will have a breakout season similar to that of Jordy Nelson.

      Not sure why I got a late notification for your response, but yes, like a post w/ projections of who to draft and what type of season they stand to have in the offense they’re playing in. A few picks are late-rounder obviously just off the strength that they fill a need immediately (IE David Wilson for the Giants and RG3 for Redskins). I don’t think anybody expected Cam to have the type of fantasy #s he had ya know?


  3. I like your comparison of Decker to Jordy Nelson. they will both be the main receivers on their respective teams.

    I’m working on a few FF articles at the moment: Players to avoid drafting and Rookies to consider drafting (and why). If you would like to reblog either one after they’re published that will be fine. Or i could copy & paste then email the article to you. Not sure what else you have in mind…


  4. I agree with your “sleeping” Bears! With some offense this year, I think Chicago goes 10-6, 11-5! (If, however, they wind up 5-11, I’ll have to say Fantasy Furnace made me do it!)


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