4 comments on “VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Victor Cruz’ Salsa Dance on Madden NFL ’13

  1. Will Cruz be the next NFL star to appear on Dancing With the Stars ? Your thoughts ?

    If at all interested let me know what you think of the following ? In order to view click unto either of the links shown below .

    We Make A Lot of Money So We Can Spend a Lot Money , Like The Morons That We Are


    Alan aka tophatal ……


    • Look if he’s got one the show’s hotties on his arm then off course he’ll win . I mean how hard can it be ?

      Then again , Chaz Bono’s appearance on the show makes me wonder is it a guilty pleasure for any male or just a situation where the extra exposure is really that great !

      Chandelier balls were shining bright , and Chaz’s balls , well let’s just say what and where are they ?

      tophatal ……………


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