5 comments on “Our Top Ten Midseason MLB Awards…

  1. excellent choices for the 1st half of the season.Couldnt argue with your picks. I agree about LaRussa. He doesn’t have to face any of these teams in retirement. But if he ever comes back… he Tony remember when you said… Nice job writing my friend.


  2. Thanks! Appreciate the compliments.
    LaRussa always seemed to stir up some form of controversy. Have absolutely no idea why he was selected to come out of retirement to manage this year’s game. I mean either you’re retired or your not..


  3. The award for the most spineless organization should go to the New York Yankees after their requesting Reggie Jackson to stay away from the clubhouse for his criticism of Alex Rodriguez . A- Rod does put his pants on one leg at a time doesn’t he ? Or does he still have one of Madonna’s bustiers that he likes to dress up in for his role playing fantasy games and fetishes ?


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  5. I find myself not wanting to jinx the good thing the Pirates have going here. Despite what many baseball fans (erm…Kansas City Royals) believe, us Yankee fans have plenty of heart. And it’s not ALL black.


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