9 comments on “In sports, for some players, there really is “No Place Like Home.”

  1. They’re athletes being paid a great deal of money not military personnel being redeployed over and over again . C’mon man ! What are you trying to suggest that they should be pampered ?

    Nash is a divorcee isn’t he ? So I guess his ex won’t be all that welcoming considering the circumstances of their divorce . It never pays to dip one’s pen in someone else’s quill , as Nash is alleged to have done .

    tophatal ………..


    • Just because someone gets divorced it doesn’t mean that they do not want to play an active role in their kids’ lives. That was one of the considerations that Nash took into account when choosing L.A. over N.Y. or Miami.

      The article clearly is not about Nash and his ‘indiscretions’ nor about players getting pampered. It’s about how ‘some’ players are affected after playing most of their careers in one city and then find themselves far from home and their families.

      It’s true that servicemen and women have it rough when forced to go to bases where families are not allowed to reside but again, this article is about professional athletes and not the military.

      Thanks for the comment.


  2. Good idea for a post, and I’m sure families are a strong point for having difficult seasons, but I do have to point out that the west coast has been a boon for pitchers and really tough on hitters. I do believe the cold heavy air has a huge impact on hitters, especially in the spring months. Once the warm air came in, pujols (among other hitters) have also heated up. I do recommend doing some research on it. It would be a great story (especially for fantasy advice!). And like I said, its still a great post. Keep it up!


    • Thanks!

      Since June 20th, Pujols has upped his BA 15 points from .255 to .270 but has only hit 2 HR and has 6 RBI. He plays half his games in L.A. where the weather is not a factor. He’s just “off” and hopefully he will find a way to turn it around in the second half of the season.

      Appreciate the kind words!


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  4. Excellent article. Same applies to the Cuban players who defect and leave their loved ones behind. Their performance level drops. Case in point: Cespedes of the Oakland Athletics. When he defected, he left behind his 2-year old son and his son’s mother (who is his girlfriend)…If the Athletics would fly her and the boy to Oakland I’m sure you’d see Cespedes’ numbers jump accordingly. As I’ve always maintained: What takes place away from the field of competition affects what takes place on the field of competition.

    Marv Fremerman


  5. I just have one question in regards to Steve Nash. If being close to home was so important to him why did he talk about being open to talking to the Knicks about coming to New York and made it a point to say he lives in New York in the off season? If being close to his family means that much why not sign with the Utah Jazz and save the plane fare? It’s alot closer than Los Angeles!


    • Don’t have a definitive answer to the first part of your question except to say that it wasn’t the first time you’ve seen a player say he’s ‘open’ to going to one team and then ends up with another. I know I did hear that the owner of the Lakers got a hold of Nash in the 19th hour and although what he said to Nash has not been reported, he apparently sold him a bill of goods which he couldn’t turn down.

      As for going to the Jazz, I didn’t see him going to a non-contender at this stage of his career..


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