18 comments on “4 Random MLB achievements that you probably didn’t know…

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  2. 1 for 4. But there’s always tomorrow. ;)

    Super interesting stats. There are great stories in these more obscure stats. Thanks for writing about them.


  3. Great article Hank! This season has been awesome so far with great moments and performances. Very informative article brother I learned a few things reading it. Keep up the great work!


    • Not sure labour Cliff Lee. Linecum’s mechanics might need a minor adjustment. He has totally regressed and his pitching coach, if he’s worth anything, should be able to help him figure it out.
      The Cubs? As the Four Tops sang, ” It’s the same old song…” Looks like it will take quite a while for the ex red sox G.M. To turn things around in Chi-Town..
      Thanks for checking in…


  4. Nice post, Hank. Can’t believe the staying power of some of the division leaders. The Nationals? And it has become a real race between the Dodgers and Giants. And, those “darn” Yankees…


  5. I’d really like to hear Marlon Byrd’s explanation once again that in essence shows what an a#s he just happens to be ! Who the hell misuses an illicit substance often associated with bodybuilders under the pretext it was to aid a injury . Tamixofen is normally used by the guys within that environment for damaged pectoral muscles and women as part of a breast of their cancer regimen to in part , aid their recovery .

    One more reason this sport continues to lack common sense , damn leadership amongst the owners , league hierarchy and the union .

    tophatal ………….


      • If Byrd’s cup size is greater than a 38″DD perhaps a bra producer can help the player out .

        That ump’ in the midst of the Indians Yankees’ controversy of the non-catch …….. is he that stupid of an official ? The fans is telling him he caught the ball and that oaf ignores the fan and chooses not to question the player . If baseball doesn’t want to adopt instant replay in all aspects of the game then it will never choose to make any radical changes even if it happens to be incremental .


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