5 comments on “Fantasy Baseball: ‘Lucky’ Week #13 Waiver Wire Pickups

  1. Hey Dude, What Are You Hearing About ALTUVE of Houston?
    I Can’t Seem To Find Any Info Other than He’s Hurt.
    Well He Be Going On The DL?
    H’s My 2B in my Fantasy League, And They’re Not Sayin’ A Damned Thing About Him.
    You’re the Fantasy Guy I Read AND Agree with a lot.
    So I’m Curious as to WHAT You’ve Found Out, Thus Far.
    L8r On, Dude.
    Ps: I Snatched-Up BRANDON BELT To Play 1st Base Until Hosmer Starts to Come Around.
    Fingers Crossed, Dude!
    Thanks For The Help AND The Advice.


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  5. I saw Brandon Belt play a few games and he certainly has power. He needs some experience to mature a bit, but I think he is an everyday player in the very near future.


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