14 comments on “How changes in MLB have increased the amount of No-Hitters

  1. Great piece, Fantasy Man.
    I’m glad you threw in that part about MLB’s drug testing standards, because it is so true. While the MLB deserves a lot of the crap storm thrust upon them after the Mitchell Report, the fact remains that the other sports were tap dancing to the same number all along, and still are. You mean to tell me a 325 pound lineman can run like a gazelle without benefit of a little something-something? Fat chance.


      • I’ve no problem with that premise at all ! My problems stems from the fact we end up with the owners and teams at the bottom of the “food chain “ complaining they haven’t the money to retain the talent . What is even more of a joke as it relates to the game is that Selig believes the “luxury tax” levels the playing field for the teams.

        Simply look at the teams with $90 to $100 million plus in payroll and then look that the ballclubs that have won the World Series over the last eight years . Perhaps the commissioner can explain that to us while he’s cajoling cities to pay for brand new stadiums for the multi-millionaire and billionaire owners .


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  3. Awesome, throwing some stats around! Nice post! Before the season started I released some MLB projections and had one of my followers noticed I favored pitching in most of my stats. We are now seeing this unfold more and more and your article highlights this even more. Good work.


  4. It might not be fan friendly, but I found Cain’s perfect game to be a great game to watch just for his performance alone. I could have shut it off early but something in my head told me to stick around and see this because something special was going to happen.


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