6 comments on “Fantasy Baseball: Week 11 Waiver Wire Pickups

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  2. Do you have an opinion on Dee Gordon? I’ve got him, but I’m not sure I should keep him.

    Thanks for these tips.


  3. I expected more out of Gordon this season but a .234 BA does not thrill me. The only category that he can help you with is SB. I don’t know how many teams are in your league but here are three players,if SB are what you’re looking for, who can also hit better than Gordon:
    Ben Revere OF Minn.
    Neil Walker 2B Pirates
    Norichika Aoki OF Mil.
    If you were to pick up someone else would you then need another S/S?
    Check the three I listed. Watch them for a couple of days and if you’re getting bored with Gordon, either try & trade him to a team who is lacking in SB or pick up someone off of waivers.
    Let me know if this helps.
    Thanks Shannon & good luck!


    • I also expected more out of Gordon. So much upside with his speed, but the plate discipline just isn’t there yet. I will need another S/S if I drop/trade Gordon. Thanks so much for the names and for the advice. Definitely helps.


  4. I would think about holding on to him a bit longer. He curreently is tied with Bonifacio (20) for the most steals in the major leagues. Also, I would take a flier on Everth Carrera, another shortstop that almost no one owns, batting like 35 points higher than Gordon. He’s only been the starting S/S of S.D. since mid May but is on pace to steal 40-45 bases. Gordon should end the season with 60.
    Ironic that both of these guys stole 3 bases last night…


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