9 comments on ““It’s Fair!” It’s Foul!” “He’s Safe!” “He’s Out!” It’s time for instant replay…

  1. Doubleday Didn’t Invent Anything hehehe
    We All Know That Now.
    He Wasn’t Even In Cooperstown In 1839.
    He Was At West Point, Then. hehehe
    I Like This Post, Sir.
    It DOES Make You Think About It.
    I’ve Never Been Much For Replay…
    …But It May Be Time For It.


  2. This is from Wikipedia: “The Mills Commission, chaired by Abraham G. Mills, the fourth president of the National League, was appointed in 1905 to determine the origin of baseball. The committee’s final report, on December 30, 1907, stated, in part, that “the first scheme for playing baseball, according to the best evidence obtainable to date, was devised by Abner Doubleday at Cooperstown, New York, in 1839.”
    I just write ’em like i see ’em…
    But thanks for commenting Brad. You’ve been one of Fantasy Furnace’s most loyal supporters and I appreciate it!


  3. Great post, its hard to believe there was a time when baseball was the top sport in America. Until the baseball traditionalist loosen their grip the game will continue to loss fans and the fate of the deceased Montrel Expos will soon claim another franchise like the Pittsburgh Pirates or Kansas City Royals who rarely sale out games and are barely making ends meat.


  4. Thanks!
    You can also add the San Diego Padres and Oakland Athletics to the other two. Sad. But yet that’s another reason to update the rules and include instant replay. It’s time…


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  6. It may well be time for instant replay but remember Bud Selig still has a hard time adjusting to the fact that players used steroids and other banned substances throughout the entire 90’s and now in the 2000’s . His antics after the Braun “fiasco “ shows how much on a_s he just happens to be ! He chastizes the arbitrator (Shyam Das) for his decision but it wasn’t the arbitrator who mishandled the player’s test specimens or failed to follow the proper protocols in following the chain of evidence .

    Doubleday is rolling over in his grave and asking why Selig is still in charge of the game ?


  7. There are ways to speed up the game that haven’t been discussed. One idea I always thought had merit would be to make it mandatory that the pitcher and hitter stay where they are during an at bat. No moving off the mound or stepping out of the batters box.
    That being said, I can’t bring myself to like this instant replay business. What happens if a batter hits one down the line with the bases loaded and the call is changed from foul to fair? Where do you put the runners? And which ones score? It’s problematic.
    Of course, I’m a traditional guy on most counts. I would do away with wild card teams, interleague play and teams that play in retirement havens such as Florida and Arizona. Of course, that last one is out of bitterness (See 2001 and 2003 World Series results).


  8. You have some good points Cayman. However I can’t imagine the other professional sports existing without instant replay. I’m a bit old school myself but I wouldn’t want to see my team lose a seventh game because of a disputed call by a ref or umpire…My heart still breaks for Galarraga and even Jim Joyce who broke down over his blown call.
    Arizona and Florida? Really? :)


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