7 comments on “The Mets have a legitimate shot if…

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  2. As a Mets fan, they way they are playing makes me so happy! They have completely exceeded the expectations of everyone outside of the clubhouse. They’re having fun out on the field and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they continue to play the way they’ve been playing till the end of the season. LGM!


    • Thanks for reading! They certainly seem poised to have one of their best seasons in a long time. Let’s just wait and see how they fare in the month of June before we start getting our playoff tickets…lol


  3. As a Yankees fan, I’ve always had a soft spot for the team from Flushing. Probably since most of my friends and family were Mets fans growing up and Shea was a short ride away. I have to say, that Johan Santana no hitter last night was my favorite baseball moment of the year thus far. When you take into account everything Johan has dealt with over the past few years and then his comeback this season,he was the perfect guy to end a 51 year streak.


  4. I’m not a Met fan either but my Dad was and so I always followed them. I’m happy for Johan also and I feel this ‘special’ year the Mets have enjoyed so far is far from over..
    Thanks Cayman!


  5. My grandfather was a Mets fan. He spoke Spanish while I played catchup with it. We’d go to Shea and somehow, within a span of nine innings, we communicated with each other just fine.


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