11 comments on “Another shot by Patrick Ewing is rejected!

  1. That surprises the hell out of me too. You would think he has done enough time and shown enough talent working with the Magic to get a shot. Hopefully he gets an opportunity soon.


    • I just hope he doesn’t end up with another team that needs a coach to help their center progress. I would hope that he wouldn’t be known just for that as that would shorten his resume some.
      Wouldn’t it be ironic if he were to get an assistant coach job at Golden State with Mark Jackson?


  2. You nailed it on the head about Jordan hiring his friends. I hope Patrick gets a real chance at a head coaching job. One reason Mark Jackson got the job at Golden State was he played point guard. Thinking man position, like catcher or pitcher or middle infielders in baseball. The perception is those are the smart positions on the field and it’s where gm’s usually keep in the back of their heads when interviewing potential managers and coaches. It may also be something of a perception thing of Patrick being a Knick, the team wasn’t well liked around the league in his prime. I’m purely guessing at this point. I’m not sure if Patrick were to join the Warriors on Jackson’s staff that would help his cause to being a head coach, and taking orders from someone who has less coaching experience than hi even though he is a friend, it would be a tough situation to over come. I am going to go back to my recent entry and say Orlando should consider Patrick for its head coaching vacancy if not there Portland would be another job worth looking at.


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