2 comments on “VIDEO OF THE WEEK: “The Manu Ginobli Show”

  1. I don’t think either team played their best game. However, i believe that the Thunder didnt play their best game because the Spurs were able to shut them down. The Spurs just sort of beat themselves up and didnt make some very makeable shots. Not good signs for the Thunder.


  2. I agree Chris. I also thought the 14 turnovers by the Spurs in the first half was telling and I think hadn’t they cleaned up their act it would have allowed the Thunder to stay in the game, but being the experienced team that they are, they only had 3 in the second half.
    They killed the Thunder in the paint as well outscoring Oklahoma City 50-26, including 16-2 in the fourth quarter.
    Hopefully it will be a good series but I believe in the end the Spurs will take it.


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