10 comments on “The Baltimore Orioles: No longer for the Birds!

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  2. My only problem with Showalter is he wears out his welcome at his stops in a short time. Texas, and the Diamondbacks are examples. And the diamondbacks he had for 2 years before there were set to play. He had time to build that from the ground up. So lets see him take this one to the house before we give him manager of the decade.


  3. As a Yankees fan, I get a rash whenever I give props to another team. But I have to admit, I kinda miss the Baltimore Orioles I grew up rooting against. Palmer, Dempsey, Murray, Flanagan, McGregor, DeCinces and that obnoxious Lowenstein character who would get the old Memorial Stadium crowd going. Man, they were a perennial for the longest time. Great clubs.
    So, if this season continues going South for the Yanks, it wouldn’t be the worst thing if the Orioles did some damage. For old times sake.


  4. Takin’ me right down memory lane. Eddie Murray was a beast. Always did well against the Yanks. The Orioles couldn’t have picked a better time to be relevant now that the Sox & the Yanks are fighting for last place in the division..
    Thanks for the memories Cayman! Now I REALLY feel old…


  5. Coach “Buck” Showalter’s Dad, Mr. William N. Showalter II, was my physical Ed. Coach/teacher at Pensacola High School in the years 1954-1956.

    He was a great man, and treated all of us with respect while also maintaining order.

    I was his “duty man” after I had a bought with pneumonia and a doctor’s excuse.

    He was also the baseball coach for the school as well as a biology teacher.


    • NIce to hear that Tom. His son Buck is still one of the most knowledgeable and professional managers in all of baseball which is why he has endured so long.

      Thanks so much for checking in with us.


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