5 comments on “Shhhh!!! There’s Another Baseball Team In N.Y…

  1. Having grown up in Queens, I went to Shea all the time despite the fact I was a Yankees fan. It’s an interesting note you have there regarding the lack of a no hitter for the team since all those guys you mentioned went somewhere else to throw them…Nolan Ryan, what was it? Like six or seven times?


  2. Seven to be exact. Not only that but Seaver had one in 1978 when he was with the Reds vs the Cards. If you remember Tom Terrific had three 1 hitters while on the Mets; ’69 , ’70 , and ’71. Gooden of course threw his no hitter when he was on the Yankees at the end of his career.


  3. Thank you for writing an entry for the Mets. I will be writing one soon as well. Despite the bullpen’s inability to keep or hold leads I feel good about this team. I wasn’t totally sold on Terry Collins when he first became manager and I thought the job should have gone to Wally Backman at the time. But Terry Collins has done a superb job with the talent available to him.


  4. Yeah, lots of issues in the ‘pen including Francisco, the ‘imploded’ one… But they have no pressure on them and could make a little noise in the N.L. East even with a lot of young ‘no names’ on the roster. Gotta admit that Wright is having an MVP year!


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