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  1. I believe Nash to the Knicks would work, his age wouldn’t be a problem because he clearly has mileage left. However I do have an alternative to Nash less splashy but just as effective in Andre Miller. Has alot left in the tank as well and played with Melo in Denver and is a leader as well as Nash. Nash might not come cheap and Miami could be a factor in get either pg. If Nash decides to play elsewhere Miller would be someone I’d want for the Knicks


  2. True, Miami will go after Nash agressively and with those guys to distrubute to, Nash could almost just close his eyes and it would end up in one of their hands.
    I like Miller too. Nash last year scored 3 more points and had 4 more assists per game than Miller so you would go down a bit in class, but Denver does have Ty Lawson already in place there making Miller expendable. I don’t know anything about Millers current contract but if he were to come to the Knicks, I would rather see him as Lin’s back up than the other way around. Lin, although he didn’t play an entire season, was on the floor about the same as Miller but scored 5 more points a night, went to the free throw line more, and had more steals and threes. Their assists are about the same.


  3. Good points here. The one thing that makes me wary about Nash to the Knicks is that I don’t know how successful he’ll be in Mike Woodson’s offensive system. Unlike D’Antoni and Gentry during his Suns time, Woodson’s offense is most set on isolation based offense where the best player/matchup on the floor dominates the ball (Melo). This is a big difference than the pick and roll based system that Nash has run with great success. Melo isn’t nearly as effective in the pick and roll based offense, he likes the iso offense where he can dominate and hold the ball. I don’t see Nash as being the greatest fit if Woodson keeps his iso based offense.


  4. I would hope that now that the season is over Woodson will reconsider the status quo as far as Melo is concerned. If the Knicks have an chance at competing in the league next year, the ball simply cannot continue to pass through Carmelo. Game 2 and 6 of the Miami series, both losses, Melo took 57 shots. Chandler & Amare are not enough of the offense when Melo goes off like that. Game six Amare took 7 shots!
    Woodson is a good coach and not stupid. He saw the Knicks rattle of 8 straight wins with Melo on the bench with a groin injury. They (the Knicks) are better when there is a facilitator on the floor and the only way, in my opinion, for melo & Amare to coexist is to have a Nash-like PG on the floor. Sometimes coaches need to make adjustments in the way they coach based on his personnel on the floor. He cannot afford to give Melo ISO’s all the time. The Knicks game plan should not be all about Melo and what he needs. It should be about all five players on the floor together and what’s the best way for them to win. Melo is already a liablility because he does not know how to play defense.
    I agree with you that if D’Antoni was still on board and Nash were to get picked up it would make for a much smoother transition. Woodson will have to bend to be successful with this group.
    Thanks for a great comment! Let me know if what I’ve said sounds viable/logical…


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