5 comments on “Will Michael make his best move yet as Bobcats Owner?

  1. I don’t like to be repetitive but I do like being consistent. The man has paid his dues, has been an effective ass’t for 8 years, and is close friends with Michael. Hiring a re-tread like Nate McMillan, for example, would be counter-productive and un-necessary. What impresses me about Patrick is that he’s all about two things: winning and effort. What more would you want from your head coach…
    Thanks for the kind words & for taking the time to comment.


  2. Very thoughtful and well written piece on a Hall of Famer who has indeed paid his dues since he left the court. Ewing is a loyal, hard working guy who would give the Bobcats something they currently do not possess. Hope. Nicely done Furnace.


  3. Great post guys! I mean this most sincerely…there is nothing MJ can do to or for this “team” that could make the Bobcats any worse at this point! Let’s see if Ewing can help the ‘Cats like McKenzie may help the Raiders…


  4. Thanks Steven! The Bobcats won 7 games last season. Patrick could mail 7 wins in.
    It’s what that team needs. A fresh start, a good draft, and a hungry first time head coach.


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