5 comments on “With Junior Seau’s Death, The Chargers ‘Curse’ Continues…

  1. Every time I think about Junior Seau, I’m just sad. It’s more than just a 1994 Chargers curse. It’s about the nature of our gladiator sport and how it kills its stars.


    • True, and although this is clearly a rare phenomenon, it still is a gut wrenching wake up call that we’ve seen far too frequently. I remember reading about Dave Duerson who I watched play, instructing his wife to insure that his brain would be studied following his death. It doesn’t get more sadder than that.
      Thanks dc..


  2. This sport is physically thankless even with the new edicts in place. The NFLPA and the owners have to hammer out some kind of guaranteed money agreement, because these guys are risking their lives after football for fear of being cut. I think if we knew how many guys like Seau are out there, it would be frightening.


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