6 comments on “FANTASY BASEBALL-Week 4 Waiver Wire SP and RP Pickups

  1. Not sure. Make no sense to me. Lidge turns 36 this Dec. In limited appearances last year, he gave up 16 hits and 13 walks in just 19 1/3 innings. In the 7 games he’s played in this season he has 2 saves but it comes with a 5.14 ERA and a 2.00 WHIP. I think Lidge’s best days are behind him and either the Nationals are trying to justify picking him up in the off season or just want to keep Rodriguez exclusively as a set up man, now and when Storen returns.
    Totally illogical.
    Thanks for the comment Gary!


    • That’s just it… From 2006-present, Colon has a 25-35 record with a 4.36 ERA. His last winning year was back in ’05 when he was 21-8 with the Angels, but that was 7 years ago.
      He was 8-10 with the Yanks last year. Not sure they are crying about giving him up just yet, although now that he’s pitching in a pitchers park, he should and is doing better. I just think he’ll come back down to earth at some point.
      Thanks Cayman!


  2. I know you are Sam and you bring up a good point.
    I did list Humber’s numbers (sorry about that) and they were kind of pedestrian last year but his control has been and continues to be pretty reliable. It’s just his second season in the majors and hopefully he’ll continue to do well. I mean 16 K’s t0 3 BB is good control. And he’s not even a strike out pitcher… We’ll see, but your point is well taken.


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