12 comments on “Metta World War Elbows Harden then gets ejected…C’MON MAN!!

  1. Correct. If indeed he ‘accidentally’ cocked his elbow back and with full force hit Harden up side his head, wouldn’t he have stopped to check on him as he lay on the floor? No, instead he just kept walking past him, never looking back, and later almost got into another altercation before leaving the arena. He should get no less than 5 days suspension and that will be based on what he did yesterday as well as his immature and violent resume.
    Thanks for the comment as always.


  2. World “Pieces” as I call him, has been a miscreant since his Pacer days in 2004. He has been suspended a bunch of games, lost millions in fines and salary, and he STILL hasn’t learned his lesson. He should be tossed out of the league…my opinion.


  3. Although he’s been a major distraction on several of the teams he’s been on, he has been relatively quiet in the 3 seasons with the Lakers.
    Remember when he made a rap album and and asked for a month off to work on its release & sales? I think he might have been on the Bulls.
    Anyway I expect a steep suspension..at least he should miss the first round of the playoffs.
    Thanks Steven! And thanks for the reblog.


  4. I don’t care what World Peace says, but this elbow was clearly intentional. You can tell that he felt Harden’s head before he even delivered the blow. His name might be World Peace, but that elbow was far from it…


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