4 comments on “Jets schedule should have them to ‘flying’ into the playoffs…

  1. 1. You meant Brian Schottenheimer, right?

    2. Talent may be an issue, but team cohesion and stable leadership in the front office and from the head coach ARE at least as big for the Jets, no?

    I just don’t think Rex can keep his mouth shut, and the Te-chez battle will be a distraction, if for no other reason than the NY Post and Daily News will stir that pot every day between now and next year’s Super Bowl.


  2. 1. You’re correct and the change I made still hadn’t gone through I guess. But thanks for catching that!

    2. Good point! Team cohesion is necessary on every team. Probably more so with this bunch but remember, they clearly had enough ‘cohesion’ and leadership to take them pretty far in ’10 and ’09. It’s still the same coach and and same front office as it was then…

    3. On this point I would have to agree with you, which is why I said that Rex’s mouth needs to be duct taped shut. He’s their own worst enemy at times. And I said IF Tebow & Sanchez can ‘coexist’. A lot of ifs, I know, but all I was saying was given their upcoming schedule, together with some key pick ups, they should make it to the playoffs this season.

    Thanks for some great comments (and for being such an able proofreader… :)


  3. Wow!! Good points made, man. It will surely be interesting to see how the whole Tebow situation affects this projection, but, looking at their overall schedule, I can’t help but agree with you.


  4. Thanks Sam! Another New York team that has a similar situation as far as the scheduling is concerned are the Buffalo Bills; an AFC sleeper team in ’12.
    By the way, when are you going to have your next podcast?


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