5 comments on “Is Bobby already on the Bubble in Boston?

  1. Valentine’s behavior should not be a surprise to anyone, and if it’s a surprise to Red Sox ownership then it’s on them for not doing thier homework. He’s the same ‘Bobby’ as always and it takes some getting used to. My belief is Bobby thinks he’s the star NOT the players. Not a good fit as you stated. He’s kinda like that cousin you haven’t seen in a while, it’s great to see him, but, you can’t be around him long before he wears on you. Great post!


  2. I can’t really argue your points, which are all valid. He’s got one NL pennant in his MLB managerial career. I always have liked him, but results are results. Now…as for that AMAZING comeback win yesterday by the pinstripes…..here’s a little musical interlude for that ball yard that was born in the same year the Titanic sunk (Irony? I don’t think so).


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