9 comments on “2 Of The Most Dangerous Teams To Face In The NBA PLAYOFFS

  1. Mavs fan from Dallas here. Cuban’s an idiot for letting Chandler walk. You don’t blow up a world champion team for a shot at free agents a year from now (then). Tyson Chandler is only going to be more valuable in the defense-first playoffs. The Heat-Knicks would be an intriguing first-round series. Maybe Heats vs Knicks can get back to being the rivalry it used to be.


  2. The Celtics may be the most dangerous team in the Eastern Conference. They still have the Big 3, and Rajon Rondo is playing the best basketball of his career. They have found an emerging young star in guard Avery Bradley, to go along with their older ones. And people have been writing them off, so add in a little angst to their motivation to win.


  3. Thanks.
    You’re absolutely right. They have been coming on since the All Star break and Bradley has provided them with a huge spark. And Brendan Bass has been steady most of the season.
    I guess they would be considered another ‘dangerous’ team as well.


  4. I agree that the Knicks would be a team many would not like to face in the playoffs, but I do believe they match up better against the Bulls than the Heat. They don’t have anyone to guard their big two of Lebron and Dwade … guard one the other will kill you so….I’d rather they play the Bulls in the first round


  5. Thanks!
    No question. Need to get a healthy Amare back and maybe have him come off the bench…I would feel better about their chances against anyone if they had a facilitator on the floor other than Baron or Bibby, but agree facing the Bulls would be a better matchup than the Heat.


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