11 comments on “Is Bud Selig that much different than Ozzie Guillen?

  1. Very, very true. but then again this is the commish that volunteered the Brewers (then owned by his family) to move to the N.L. but leveraged a future All-Star game out of it. He then took that future All-Star game to the taxpaying public (or his family did that is) to get funding for a nice new stadium and then sold the team at a profit of a couple hundred million dollars.


  2. In order to make a fair judgment of Selig, I would have to know more about the circumstances of why Selig was in Cuba and why he was sitting with Castro. If Castro invited Selig to sit with him, I don’t know if you would want to give the man a flat “no” in response, since he is the recognized leader of the country and you’re just a guest there.

    Obviously there are some protocols that must be followed if you are conducting business in a foreign country. And in the picture it seems Selig is talking to the person on the right of Castro, and not Castro himself, so maybe he and Castro had very little to say to each other. Also, this photo was taken 13 years ago. But as for me, I doubt I would even go to Cuba as long as Castro is in power, so I wouldn’t put myself in a position to have to accept or decline his hopsitality.


  3. The circumstance was that the Orioles were playing an exhibition game in Havana against the Cuban Nationals team. (Jose Contreras pitched for the Cuban team, won the game and struck out 10). The trip which was made some 5 weeks after the Cuban All Stars played a game in Baltimore. Both trips were approved and sanctioned by the U.S. State Dept. Selig volunteered to go. He wasn’t told or asked. He willingly ‘chose’ to attend and sit with the dictator. And by the way, the guy that Selig is shown talking to in the photo is Peter Angelos, Baltimore Orioles owner. FYI, Angelos is still the Orioles qwner and they have not had a winning season since that trip!)
    In MIami, the Cuban-American community was beyond outraged. They claimed it was merely a propaganda coup for Castro & Cuba and that Angelos and Selig were made to look like fools. They were and are!
    Your last sentence however, says it all.
    Thanks Maurice!


  4. good article, good points about the commish that I wasn’t aware of. Marlin management obviously didn’t talk to Ken Williams and Jerry Reindolf for a reference when hiring Ozzie. This is the first of many more to come …if the Marlins don’t win


  5. Thanks for the kind words.
    Well, in all honesty they didn’t have to as long as they read a newspaper or watched TV. Guillen might have lost part of the Miami community but as long as his players respond favorably to him he’ll be alright. I mean they never had decent attendences there so Ozzie needs to shut up win and hope the fans to show up. However one more real inane, inappropriate comment and I think his leash gets real short.


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