13 comments on “Why Isn’t Patrick Ewing A Head Coach?

  1. I have often wondered why on this subject myself. Mark Jackson has television experience and also has point guard on his resume, sort of like catchers and middle infields in baseball being good managers. Very few big men get coaching jobs left alone superstar big men like Patrick Ewing. I often wonder if there is a perception of Patrick Ewing that holds him back from getting the job he seeks. Lastly Ewing has paid his dues like another former Knick who became an all time great coach Phil Jackson.


    • You’re correct about big men not getting head coaching jobs as frequently. Keven McHale in Minnesota was probably the last.
      I’ve found it curious that the Knicks, the obvious place of choice for Patrick (at least in SOME capacity) haven’t extended any offer to him. They have Alan Houston being prepped for a managerial post, Herb Williams, another crowd favorite who’s been an assistant coach for eons, and John Starks who does lot of PR work for the organization. Why not Patrick? Unless it’s because he felt he was worth more than the Knicks did before he was dealt to Seattle at the end of his career…
      Patrick’s situation almost reminds me a little of how long Willie Randolph, another popular player and a Yankee for most of his career, had to wait to get his shot as well…


    • totally agree Lawrence Frank was a terrible head coach with Kidd Carter and RJ
      I would love to see Patrick get a fair chance to coach. My question is why is Herb Williams still an assistant coach on the Knicks? They have had new coaches since 2005 and he still manages to stay on every staff why?


  2. Great post. I agree with you. I think Patrick would be much better suited to a head coaching position than Mark Jackson… He has looked downright lost at times this season. Here’s hoping someone gives Ewing his shot soon.


  3. He’ll do no worse than Mark (although it is just his 1st year), or Monty Williams, or Lawrence Frank or Alvin Gentry. Gentry has been a head coach for almost 17 years. He has a 289-309 .483 career record. And even Scott Skiles. What has he done? Been head coach with 3 teams; Suns and Bulls fired him. Has a career .500 record.
    Hope you’re right Joe!


  4. Ewing has never been viewed as a brainy type player. In fact, most NBA centers aren’t. Now, I’m not saying he’s not smart enough to be a head coach, but what proof do we have that says other wise?


  5. By virtue of the fact that Patrick’s not only been an NBA ass’t coach for 8 years now, he’s also proven to be an inspiring mentor to Dwight Howard since he came into the league. Most NBA big men don’t come across as being very cerebral I guess otherwise more centers would have been named head coaches. The two exceptions that I can think of would be Willis Reed and Kevin McHale.


  6. Well the team won’t be changing hardly at all next season. They’re pretty set so there will be some stability at long last, but I wouldn’t want him to come to the Garden and then get fired at some point. I just hope he lands a head coaching job.
    Thanks Sam.


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