7 comments on “Was there another New Orleans Bounty? C’MON MAN!!

  1. Valid point, but there’s a difference between a hard foul and a possible season or career ending foul. The least Smith could have done was to make an ‘attempt’ to go after the ball.
    The foul did prompt Smith to issue a formal apology to Griffin yesterday and then today the Hornets coach personally apologized to him. Apologies don’t usually get made on your hard or flagrant 1 fouls. This was just over the top.
    Thanks for checking in Maurice. We’re big fans of Fan On Fire!


  2. Yea, saw this play on the news. If only half of the NFL wide receivers would block like this on running plays, there’d be a lot more running backs still running! A lot of good stuff today…


  3. Some may agree with you Sam but like I said, the least Smith could have done was make an ‘attempt’ to go for the ball. At least that way it would have ‘looked’ legit. And it had to have been a bad foul otherwise Smith AND his coach would not have had any reason to apologize to Blake. Right?


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