8 comments on “Now The Jets Have Two QB’s Who Can’t Throw!

  1. As a Giants fan, I watch the Jets from a distance with constant bemusement. I keep saying, J-E-T-S = S-U-C-K, and it’s been this way since 1969. Because the owners and the front office have about as much in wisdom as Tebow has in accuracy.


    • Lol..Same here.
      Kind of reminds me a bit of the Knicks owner (& his long time confidant Isiah Thomas). Although the talent is finally there (thanks to Donnie Walsh) they haven’t been playoff relevant in over a decade. And like the Jets they haven’t won a championship in close to 40 years…


  2. I agree that this was not a great trade – makes little sense. But have to disagree with your point about Sanchez’ fragility and being “coddled.” This is something that has been manufactured by the media and I think you are simply repeating what’s been written in other outlets. When has Sanchez hidden from the media? When has he failed to put blame on his shoulders? The guy has stood tall through 3 tough seasons (including 2 seasons when he took the Jets to the AFC championship). Let’s give the guy a bit of credit. He’s a class act and New York tough. He’s faced his critics and acknowledged his shortcomings. It’s not his fault that the team hasn’t brought in a proven back-up or surrounded him with the right talent. Let’s cut the guy some slack.

    And as I’ve pointed out before, he’s no worse at this point in his career that quite a few SB winners (Eli, Elway, Brees, etc.). The best is yet to come.


  3. I guess you don’t remember how much he pouted when Brunnel took a few practice snaps last year. Rex had to give Sanchez reassurance that he was just trying to get him to be more focused.
    Look, I wasn’t knocking him by saying he was fragile. Most QB’s are. It’s a by product of the position; almost like the lead actor in a show or movie. They think it’s all about them and when things don’t go the way they like they sulk. He’s not the first; won’t be the last.
    As for his talent, you have to admit that he’s regressed. At least other QB’s began their surge by the time they got to year 4. I mean Sanchez had the 5th worst passer rating in the league last year with only QB’s like Paynor, Gabbert and Tebow worse than him. Perhaps, and I’m just suggesting that maybe Sanchez and the Jets over-achieved in his first 2 seasons. It’s unfortunate that he probably won’t get a fair shot at this season because he won’t play as much thanks to Rex, Sparano & co…Mike Tannenbaum just this a.m. said that should Sanchez have three 3 and outs he would bring in Tebow. So how much confidence does the G.M. have in him?
    And I never said that Sanchez ‘hid from the media’ or ‘failed to put blame on his shoulders’. Maybe THAT’s what the media is saying about him, but you won’t find those comments in my article.
    Thanks for your thoughts.


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