7 comments on “Memo to Alex Smith: Stop crying, get over it, stay in S.F.!

  1. Great post, I’ve been saying this ever since Peyton Manning decided on Denver. Why would he be upset that San Fran decided to chase a four time MVP and future hall of famer in Peyton Manning. Last time I checked he is neither and shouldn’t have even been surprised, I know I wasn’t. I was only surprised that it took SF so long to come into the chase. And I’m surprised Peyton didn’t go there, but that’s an entirely different topic.


    • Thanks! Back on March 6th we posted an article saying that S.F. Would be the best fit for Peyton but that he probably would never go. Not as long as baby brother is in the NFC.


      • Yeah I actually thought the same thing myself. I honestly think Archie Manning has a lot to do with that as well. That and the NFC is a much harsher road than the AFC, but the 49ers probably best team in the league with a healthy Manning. The news about Denver was bittersweet but what can you do.


  2. What I found interesting is the Peyton and Alex Smith share the same agent. You don’t think he was in the loop for what was happening? How hard would it be for the agent to say, hey Alex, I guarantee Peyton is not going to SF, so why don’t you take a little trip down to Miami for a few hours and make it look like you are interested. Afterwards, the Niners will bring the Brinks truck to your doorstep after Peyton goes to the Broncos.

    Shady, but I promise something like that happened.


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