3 comments on “From Linsanity to Philsanity…

  1. Part of the problem of being a die-hard Knicks fan is the frequency with which folks look for some magic bullet to make us a championship contender. Last I checked we’ve had Pat Riley, Don Nelson and the just departed D’Antoni here on 33rd and Broadway in the past 21 years. But I do know this. Gulf + Western and Dolan have owned this team for most of the past 40 years. Maybe, just maybe, the Knicks need an ownership fully invested in hiring folks who are experts at building a team for the long haul, and not just trying to turn lead into gold, or (in Phil Jackson’s and Jerry Sloan’s cases) in finding the Fountain of Youth.


  2. If either Van Gundy was available and willing to come to N.Y., I would take them in a heartbeat. I didn’t pick Jerry Sloan, although a successful coach in his own right. Don Nelson was another Mike D’Antoni in my estimation, and Pat Riley just couldn’t get another superstar along side of Patrick. Rick Pitino, same game as D’Antoni. Isiah Thomas? I’m not even going there….

    Do you think that Jackson would not be a viable option for the Knicks? Who would you recommend?


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