5 comments on “How much has Mark Sanchez made per TD?

  1. This extension wasn’t about the past, but about the future. It was actually a very smart deal. They’ve freed up significant salary cap money this year so they can go out and the receiver or o-lineman they need, and have given themselves the option to keep him for 4 more years at a fairly reasonable cost. If he turns out to be the QB they think he is/will be, he will be one of the best bargains in the NFL. If he totally flops, they will only be locked in for 2 years. This is the best and most unbiased analysis I’ve read on the deal: http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/jets/2012/03/analyzing-mark-sanchezs-three-year-contract-extension


  2. Sanchez’s popularity waned quite a bit last season as he regressed instead of imporved. The extension and $$ will pay off only if he goes back to the form and numbers he put up in 2010-2011 when the Jets went to the AFC Championship game.
    Thanks for checking in and for the Daily News link.


  3. I think this season will be key for Sanchez and Tannenbaum. This will be his fourth year with the Jets. The organization will be expecting nothing short of a vast improvemnt from their former number 1 pick or else his tenure with N.Y. will not be a long nor sucessful one…’Bum’ is a bit harsh N.C., as he did overachieve and excell in his first 2 years with them. The problem I have is that I’m not sure that he has the arm to chuck the ball downfield or if he’s just stymied by the Jets’ offensive coordinator.

    The amount of money they gave him might be questioned as well as I’m not sure he’s the 6th best QB in the league, (which is where his salary extension put him) I still want to give him one more season at least to prove that last year was just a fluke…


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