11 comments on “Where Peyton Manning SHOULD play…

  1. I think you meant Arizona Cardinals for a quick editorial, but I understand. I definitely agree though. I don’t know what Irsay was waiting for. Peyton will always say he’s fine and wants to play. But facts are, he probably won’t be the same, stats or health-wise. Which is unfortunate for everyone, but you can’t change those facts.. I just wish everyone involved some “Luck”.. Pun intended.


    • Oooops! When there’s news regarding Baseball, Football, and Basketball all at the same time accidents will happen. Thanks for the heads up! And yeah, after four neck surgeries (that we KNOW about) there’s no telling how viable Peyton is any longer. If I’m his surgeon(s), I’m recommending that he call it a career…
      Thanks for the comment SN!


      • Haha, I’ve done it before so I know if I made that mistake I would hope someone tells me too! I do believe Peyton does make a huge impact on the field and the locker room even with his neck issues. I do think that for him personally, he should take a road that involves him being on TV instead of on the field, but he knows he can still play. Only he can make that decision and be comfortable with it. I want to believe him, but if I’m a GM, is he worth the money and injury risk? I don’t want him paralyzed, so I’m not sure if I put the money on the table. Hopefully everything works out for everyone in this.


  2. Peyton should go to whichever team allows him to have the most say when it comes to the offense, that’s part of the reason what made him so great for so many years on the Colts.


  3. True. Not sure he had that ‘power’ in his first few years with the Colts though and we don’t know what Peyton has left in the tank so he would probably have to prove himself all over again before the coaches let him call the shots. We’ll see…


  4. Absotively, Peyton in San Fran makes the most sense. Wouldn’t it be cool to watch Peyton and the guy he replaced in Indy (Harbaugh) going for it together next season?
    Makes too much sense to happen, though.


  5. Wouldn’t team management be easier if you could trade players without having an emotional attachment to them like when you play video games?

    I wouldn’t take a chance on a 36 year old, rusty QB who has neck issues…unless I could get him for cheap.

    There’s going to be a bounty for his neck!


  6. Risky is an understement! That’s why whatever team that does pick him up needs to have a good back up QB.
    A bounty on a geriatric QB’s neck? That’s not nice N.C…


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