7 comments on “What Wilt did that was more amazing than those 100 points…

  1. 50.4 points per game. I’d forgotten about that. You’re right… That number is absurd. Wilt was absolutely one of a kind.


  2. You’re right on the money with this one. The 50.4 was even more amazing. I used to love going up to Hershey Park arena (for Hershey Bears games) and imagining what it must have been like on that evening when Wilt hit the century mark.


    • It never ceases to amaze me that sometimes when extraordinary- once in a lifetime things happen in sports, there aren’t many to witness it. Like when Maris hit his 61st, the stadium was half full, same as Aaron, and of course Wilt with just over 4,000 on hand.
      I’ve never been to Hershey Park Arena. Do you know how many it holds?


  3. I’m not sure how many it holds….I’d guess 6 thousand, maybe a bit more than that? It was a cool bit of history to hang out inside back when the Bears played their games there. Now they play down the road at Giant Center. Progress and all that jive, yanno?


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