4 comments on “Some things to expect in the NBA in the 2nd Half…

  1. Another compelling franchise to watch during the second half of the season is the often over looked San Antonio Spurs, although they wont make many sportcenter highlight reels if Ginobili is able to return to full health by the postseason they may be a team to be reckoned with. Ginobili’s early season injuries have created depth on the Spurs bench with Gary Neal and Danny Green.

    During Linsanity, the Spurs 11-game winning streak went overlooked by so many pundits and only when Coach Pop decided to rest three of his starters did it begin to make news. If Coach Pop is able to manage the minutes of his veterans, continue to develop a bench, and get a healthy Ginobili by the posteason the Spurs may be a dangerous team.


  2. You’re right about the Spurs, among others, being over shadowed by the Linsanity headlines…the Spurs winning streak to which you are referring was the quietest winning streak of the season!!
    Danny Green has done an admirable job withe Ginobli out. Like the Celtics the Spurs are an aging team as well. So Manu is vital to their chemistry.

    Thanks for commenting. You make some great points.


  3. Nice post and all great things and players to watch. It’s going to be very interesting if Kobe can hold up, I feel he will. Also if Lin and the Knicks can excel with Melo.

    Also I can’t wait for the Lakers/Clippers battling it out down the stretch, it’s going to be interesting to see if the Clippers can hold on to Division lead.

    Can’t wait for the second half of the season.


  4. It appears that the Clippers are the NEW Lakers…They have youth and cohesivenaess on their side and I look for them to finsh ahead of the Lakers when the season is over.
    Glad the regular season picks up again tonight…too long of a break!
    Thanks BC.


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