6 comments on “One final thought on Ryan Braun and the “Immaculate Injection”…

  1. Great post, and you’re 100% on point. The fact is that MLB dropped the ball on this one. They can shout from the rooftops about how outraged they are at the decision, but if they don’t want something like this to happen again… well, the ball’s in their court now. They have to fix the system.

    I still don’t think this is over… Someone should “leak” the name of the collector like they leaked Braun’s name & maybe that way we can hear an explanation from his side of the aisle.


  2. It’s not over. As you probably have heard MLB is going to file a lawsuit vs the arbitrator who overturned MLB’s decision to ban Braun for those 50 games.

    That collector is assured of being fired so we’ll probably learn of his identity at that point.

    Thanks for checking in Joe & the kind words.


  3. Braun can expect the worst from opposing fans who are fed up with the disingenuous bargain they were asked to swallow after the Mitchell report’s findings back in ’07. Players find ways to better performance the way water finds its own level and the fans end up footing the bill with higher ticket prices as a result.
    Very good post.


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