4 comments on “PHOTO OF THE WEEK

  1. Hey there Fantasy Furnace. Figured I’d stop by since I always see you around Bobby Charts site.. Being that we know the same people, hopefully you don’t mind I comment. In regards to Gary Carter, we definitely lost a warrior and a champion. The 1986 Mets were party animals and Gary Carter and Ray Knight were the only sane ones. hehe

    Carter was the only guy that could’ve hit that base hit on the bottom of the 10th. He will surely be missed. I invite you to visit us once in a while. We always love to hear from opinionated sports lovers. Check us out, you probably will see the same people you’re accustomed to. Hope to see you soon.




  2. Nice piece and as a die-hard Mets fan this one hit home. what a great player and guy. The Mets need to retire his number THIS year!


    • A Mets fan…in Sacramento? Talk about your loyalty! Guess you’re from the big apple originally.. Yeah, totally agree about retiring Carter’s number. Would have been nice while he was alive though…. Mets don’t have that many players who deserve to have their numbers retired so why not Carter? He played his heart out for that organization.


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