5 comments on “Is D’Antoni what’s wrong with the Knicks?

  1. Granted he needs a PG. Doesn’t even have to be a superstar. Jose Calderon is not what you would consider a ‘Superstar’ but he’s been in the top three in assists in the league all year. All they need is a facilitator-does’t have to score 20 points a game…
    Problem is D’Antoni cannot coach with what he DOES have. In the last two games for example, the Knicks’ starting & backup PG’s: Shumpert & Douglas took 50 shots! It would have been nice if they made most of them but to add insult to injury they shot 32%, making just 16 of them. And because they’re shooting so much they’re not passing. And to prove the point, they only had 13 assists in both games…combined.
    Agreed he’s overrated.
    Thanks for commenting…


  2. Sadly, I also think the Knicks are victims of overly high expectations coming into the season! It’s not D’Antoni’s fault but clearly Melo isn’t going anywhere so the coach will take the blame (Someone mentioned that the Nuggets had a better record since he’s been traded than the Knicks – unbelievable!)


  3. When the team takes 43 three’s in one game that’s not the player’s fault though. Last night however, I’m guessing D’Antoni finally told Melo to distribute the ball once in a while because he had 6 assists by halftime. Of course last night’s opponent, Detroit, has only won 4 games all year so..
    By the way, since the Carmelo trade, Denver is 32-14 while the Knicks are 22-26.


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