One comment on “Jets: Sanchez/Ryan-Is it time for them to go?

  1. I think this is a bit misguided. If Sanchez played in any other market, he would not be under this kind of scrutiny or pressure (why don’t we hear the same things about Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan or Josh Freeman?). He by no means is a star yet, but to put the blame on him and say that’s time to start thinking about pulling the plug on the Sanchez era after 3 years is just crazy. The guys has FOUR road playoff wins in his first 2 years – more than Brett Favre in his entire career (also – look at his stats compared to Eli Manning and Phil Simms at the same point in their careers…patience!). And let’s not forget that most QBs don’t even play in their rookie year. Yes, he didn’t take a step forward this year like Rex predicted, but it’s way too early to pull the plug – he is not the reason for the Jets demise this year…


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