3 comments on “An NCAA ‘Basket-Brawl’ with 9.4 seconds left in a blowout? C’mon Man!!

  1. 6 games for Yates is absolutely ridiculous. I agree with Stephen A. Smith that a 10 game suspension would be more appropriate at MINIMUM. Hell, suspend him for the rest of the season. Blount got suspended for the remainder of the season when he delivered the cheap shot a few years ago. Frease on Xavier was clearly trying to break up the fight and instead he gets a cheap shot in the eye. Yates delivered four punches during this brawl. Everyone who threw a punch should get six games but Yates deserves much more. Cincinnati coach claimed that he would come down hard on his players during his press conference after the game. “that’s not what Cincinnati is about.” “Some of these guys might not be wearing a uniform come tomorrow” So I say C’MON COACH! Do your job. A 6 games suspension is nothing but a slap on the wrist. I also think the player who made the initial shove on Xavier should be suspend a good amount of games for starting the fight. During the press conference one of the player’s claimed to have “thugs and gangstas” in the locker room. Again, another inappropriate comment that needs to be followed with a suspension. These players are giving their schools a bad name. I think Ohio prosecuting attorney is just trying to claim some fame with his threat for criminal charges but if he is serious, I think it may be warranted. After all, if this were to happen in the streets, there would be arrests. What gives players the right to do this on live television and get away with it? C’MON MAN!


  2. Gates is 6′ 9″ 260 lbs. You blindside someone who isn’t facing you, (and has no time to defend himself) with a bare fist- then you should be dropped from the basketball program at your school permanently…period! Eight players have been suspended between the two schools involved. Should have been seven suspensions and one banishment!
    Now you’re going to hear about Gates’ ‘tearful apology’ and how sorry he is. What he REALLY is- is grateful that his coaches didn’t opt to dismiss him from the program. And I agree with you…you pop someone on the street- you’re facing a felony, and that’s jail time if you’re convicted… you do it on a basketball court in front of thousands of people-you get to watch your team play basketball for six games while you rest. Pahleeese!


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