4 comments on “WEEK #13-The Furnace’s Five Best Bets

  1. Actually, this is the first time we’ve picked the Bears all season (13 games)… Hanie, who has only played in one game this year, last weeks, had 3 interceptions and a QB rating of 59.6%. We can’t write about every player in just a paragraph. Are you a fan of his?


  2. I Like every pick here except for the Raiders over the Dolphins. The Dolphins have been playing some great football the past three weeks with a monster win over Buffalo and also beating the Redskins. Last week they lost by 1 to a very good and hot at the moment Dallas Cowboys. I think Miami is finally starting to click and realize they are a better team than their record shows. Reggie Bush is running the ball much better and Matt Moore is making a case for why he should be a starting NFL qb rather than a backup having thrown eight Td’s in his first 5 games. I realize Oakland’s won their last three games but I think Fins will grab this W at home tomorrow.

    PS: If I was a Dolphins fan I’d be rooting for the Raiders and every other opponent they face this year. #SuckforLuck


  3. With 4 minutes left in the fourth, the Dolphins are up by 20 so clearly you were right about this game. Miami hasnt been a good at home for years. Thought Palmer had been managing the last 3 games very well and they were right in the thick of the AFC West race. Never saw today’s lackluster Raider performance coming.

    Good call Brian!!


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