2 comments on “OUR PICKS-The Next Day…

  1. Yeah…they’re not just bad-they’re pathetic! We said back in Sept. before the season began that Vick will not be as effective this season and we stated why. “MICHAEL VICK-QB-EAGLES- Vick missed 25% of the games last season due to injuries and when you take into consideration the way he plays he certainly is vulnerable to injury at any time; any play. Additionally, the teams that Vick will play this year have had around seven months to screen miles of film and thus be more prepared to make adjustments. We would consider it a stretch for Vick to turn in a repeat performance this season. A ‘good one’, yes for sure. However, you’ll need to temper your expectations.”

    And as of this week, Vick has 11 TD’s and 11INT’s-No rushing TD’s. Andy Dalton has more TD’s!!Couple that with Andy (I coach the same ole way every game) Reid and you have a possible 6-10
    team this year. I mean WR Jeremy Maclin had 6 receiving yards in Sunday’s game? C’mon man!!

    Thanks for commenting Sean!


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