2 comments on “OUR PICKS-The Next Day…

  1. Cam is a flat out stud, he’s gonna be special. Tebow was horrible for 57 min (pains me to say ot but its true) but he got the W in the end because that’s what he does, finds ways to win. Kolb is a disappointment in Arizona, too inconsistent. Browns and Seahawks was more painful to watch than my 7 year old sister’s bball games. And finally, the Ravens will never win a Super Bowl with Flacco, what a waste of a great defense.
    As always, great post.


  2. Totally think that something is up with Flacco this year. His QB rating was 93.6% last year-76.2% so far this year. His passing percentage last year 62.6-this year 52.1%. I liked him last year-thought he did a retty good job. Remember he’s only 26 and has never missed a game since joining the Ravens (he’s in his 4th season). This has always been a ground & pound team, and when Ray Rice only rushes for 28 yards like last night, the Ravens won’t win. Case in point, in the other Raven loss this year, Rice ran for 43 yards.
    One major fault with Flacco is that he doesn’t utilize TE Ed Dickson as much as he could, given the success he’s had with Todd Heap over the years.
    Thanks for chiming in Matt! Much appreciated.


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