7 comments on “NFLeBron?

  1. Ballard is a good work in progress, but if this ‘fantasy’, should ever come true, (and personally I think LeBron is just trying to ‘stir the pot’ in a quiet NBA stretch since the lock out), he would be better as a wide out actually. Too much blocking required as a TE. If you remember Plaxico when he was in his prime and had that super bowl winning catch for the GINTS, well he’s 6′ 5″ and could tower over most SS or defensive backs. Condiser if you will a 60 lb. heavier LeBron, 4″ taller, and a way faster than Burress….But alas, it is not meant to be.
    Thanks for your comment. It made for one beautiful daydream for me..



  2. I agree with lifestylebygoldie.. TE all the way. He doesn’t have to be the blocking TE on the team. He’d be more in line with Tony Gonzalez or Antonio Gates with his basketball background. Just throw it up above him, he’ll post up, put a hand up and catch it just like it was in in-bounds pass in basketball.

    I don’t think he could come in to the NFL and run routes as WR and get beyond DBs. He’d be much better as TE with coverage from a linebacker.



  3. Nice hearing from thefk1… okay, here’s the thing; I used Plaxico Burress as an example because the two of them are similar in weight and height. Burress is listed as 6′ 5″ -232 lbs. while LeBron is 6″ 8″ and 250. I”m sure you’ve seen LeBron running up & down the court (when he was with the Cavs anyway). He’s beyond quick. Ever see him get back on a fast break? Way faster than Burress in his prime. Without question he could probably play either position. I guess as a TE he would be the fastest TE there ever was. As a WR he’d tower over any DB or SS.
    I agree with Goldie that he needs to be on the Giants. Maybe with a target that big Eli can cut his interceptions down to just 2 a game…
    Thanks for chiming in-


  4. I think with his freakish natural athletic ability and equally freakish physique he could pull it off. Also it’s not as if he’s jumping into a completely unfamiliar sport here. He was an all state football player in Ohio. A state known for its football talents. Obviously he’s never played at that level before but that alone is not enough to say he couldn’t do it. the biggest obsticle? Can he withstand the contact and abuse of an NFL season where players will undoubtedly be gunning for him to prove to a point either to themselves or to the rest of us?


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