2 comments on “Don’t Cry For Me N.Y. Yankees…

  1. Sadly, I don’t see A-Rod improving anytime soon, especially with all the injuries he’s had to deal with. Teixeira has gotten a bit of a pass in the media until now despite the horrible offensive numbers he’s put up in the playoffs. I think you’re completely right about the pitching situation…plus, one of these days (hopefully not anytime soon) Rivera will have to retire!


    • Agree with you regarding Teixeira. If A-Rod is on another team, Tex would be getting lambasted by the local media- no doubt. As for Mo, (and you’ll find a post on Mo that we’ve done previously), I agree that he cannot pitch forever. As sad as it is to say good bye to Jorge, Mariano’s day will come as well. The Yanks already have a budding star in place for that very occasion; David Robertson.
      I too am an avid-diehard fan of the Yanks, Knicks, Giants, and Rangers and while we try not to show partialiaty towards our local teams, there are profiles/posts on Jorge, Mariano, Willis Reed, A-Rod,…well you get the idea…
      Thanks so much, by the way, for subscribing and commenting. Wishing you continued sucess on BOTH of your blogs!


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